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Program - International Sports Management Academy
Executive Program Sports Management, the Dutch Way
Maximum 2 participants per country
Unique opportunity to learn, share best practices, collaborate and network with experts in grassroots sports architecture in the Netherlands

As a vehicle connecting populations around the world, sport plays an invaluable role in unifying people with a common passion. Nationalism and sports are often intertwined; but sport is also a powerful instrument for diplomacy and international business development. Professional management of sports is, therefore, an effective tool for society-building and national progress.

The Netherlands, a small country with 17 million inhabitants, has nonetheless been an outstanding sporting nation. Based on the total number of Olympic medals won since the start of the modern Olympic games in 1896 till today (2016) the Netherlands score a top position in terms of number of Olympic medals per capita:
The Netherlands 1 medal per 43,000 inhabitants
- Australia 1 per 49,000
- United Kingdom 1 per 74,000
- Germany 1 per 74,000
- United States 1 per 116,000
- Kenya 1 per 473,000
- China 1 per 2.3 million
- India 1 per 45 million
When Paralympic medals are included, the performance of the Netherlands is even better.

The Netherlands on top; how is this achieved?
- Professional management & organization of sport entities (experienced professionals in board)
- Performance which is results driven (commitment by sporters and managers)
- Shared vision & integrated checks & balances
- Bottom-up approach
- Ecosystem approach with commitment from athletes and shareholders
- Excellent sports infrastructure
- Knowledge and experience in sports accommodations development, management and maintenance
- High-tech sports technology development ecosystem
- Superb coaching programs, coaching coaches and trainers
- Sports structures at schools and clubs
- We see solid structured recreational sport as a strong basis for the top

The reasons for these successes can be found in the position of sports on the agenda at the national and local governmental level, including a drive towards operational excellence. Investments in sport and sport infrastructure are substantial, since sport is also part of the national health policy, and in the end is a cost-saver due to a healthier population and the consequent savings in healthcare.

In Noordwijk, a beach resort in the Netherlands with a 25.000 population and home base of the International Sports Management Academy (ISMA), over 80% of the children (6-18 years) are active is sports, resulting in
- Under average number of troubled youth
- Less spending in youth care
- Better health conditions
- Savings in health care
- Longer life expectancy.

From 15-21 April 2018 ISMA offers an international top level program for maximum 25 senior executives of sports related organisations and governmental institutes from different countries around the world. The program will be hosted in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.
Only two applications per country can be accepted for this program containing concepts, theories and case studies sharing the Dutch approach in sports management. The program will be delivered by lecturers, managers, board members and top experts in grassroots sports development and sports infrastructure. Several field visits are included.

Main themes:
- Smart Cities & Sports Infrastructure
- Global Sports Context
- Strategic Leadership & Organization
- Ethics & Corporate Responsibility
- Strategy, Communication, Marketing and Sponsoring
- Sports Event & Facility Management
- Case Studies & Best Practices
- Conditions to replicating the Dutch models in the participants country
- Action Learning Project in the participants organisation

All based on four roles:
- People (in different roles)
- Money (from different earning models)
- Management Capacities (in different disciplines)
- Community building (for different stakeholders)

A pre-registration and expression of interest can be done via and is non-obligatory until 01 October, 2017. The pre-registration will put you on the top of the list to formalise your registration once the full program is published (September 2017).

A maximum of 25 participants can be accepted (2 per country).

  • Pofile
    Ministers of Sports and senior executives of sports related organisations and governmental institutes from different countries around the world
  • Location
    Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands. Noordwijk is European City of Sports 2017. It’s a splendid beach resort known for its rich profusion of tulips (including Keukenhof), daffodils and other bulbs (season April and May), 20 minutes from Amsterdam Airport and 30 minutes from the main cities Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.
  • Dates
    15-21 April 2018
  • Study load
    5 days in the Netherlands plus Action Learning Project in the home country
  • Investment
    The participation fee is 8.750 USD / 7.500 euro and including:: - All classroom lecturers and field visits as mentioned in the program - 4* hotel room single occupancy from arrival on Sunday 15 April 2018 till departure on Saturday 21 April 2018 ( 6 nights) - All breakfast, lunch and dinner from arrival on 15 April until departure on 21 April - All transfers from and to the airport and to field visit locations, as well as some touristic visits - Visa invitation letters - Feedback on the Action Learning Project in the own organisation - Reading materials - Assessment and Certificate Not included in the registration fees: • Flights to and from Amsterdam • Visa costs • Private expenses. Payments • 25% at registration • 50% by 1ste February 1st 2018 at the latest • 25% by 10th April 2018
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Applications can be cancelled by email up to 21 days before the start of the program at a cost of 25% of the participation fee. Until 14 days prior to the event the costs will be 50%. Cancellations in the final week will be charged for 100%. The cancellation is valid if it is confirmed by the organization. Participants unable to attend can be replaced. In case of 'no show' the payment terms remain unchanged. The participation fee must be paid before the start of the program. The organization has the right to deny access to participants for whom no payment is received.
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