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International Sports Management Academy

Sport is a proven and efficient vehicle for building and connecting nations around the world. Sport plays an invaluable role in unifying people with a common passion. Nationalism and sports are often intertwined and sport is also a powerful instrument for diplomacy and international business development. Professional management of sports is, therefore, an effective tool for society building and national progress.

International Sports Management Academy (ISMA), with its head office in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, offers an international platform for management of sports, executive programs, masterclasses and conferences with the aim to share knowledge and experience in management, operational structures and grassroots sports development.
  • Dutch architecture

    Although a small country with 17 million inhabitants only, the Netherlands is well performing sporting nation.
    Based on the total number of Olympic medals won since the start of the modern Olympic games in 1896 till today, the Netherlands score a top position in terms of number of Olympic medals per capita. The key of this success is in the apporoach of grassroots sports development.

    We offer foreign governmental institutions and sports organisations to share our experience and to collaborate and network with experts in grassroots sports architecture.

  • Executive programs

    ISMA has developed a range of Executive Programs, Masterclasses and Conferences regarding grassroots sports development, sports infrastructure, innovations in sports, marketing of sports and organization models.
    Check the agenda for upcoming events.

    Governments, Sports Authorities or Universities who are willing to offer our programs locally are invited to contact us.

  • Support

    ISMA supports governments, sports organizations and sports related companies in their (strategic) sports development related issues, and can supply speakers, lecturers, (former) international sporters and scientists to support your future development or to moderate at your events.

    The ISMA team of lecturers and council consist of experts and expertise in almost every area of grassroots sports development.